What on earth is a Parkin? I had no clue either. My second morning at the Age Concern cafe and she kindly tells me to pick something from the recipe book. I’ve never heard of this one and she hasn’t baked one before so we decided to give it a go. It turned out quite well – the recipe book must be quite reliable. The sweet smell of the baking Parkin brought people running into the kitchen. Haha!

This is what Wiki says:

Parkin is a moist and sticky ginger cake made in Northern England, primarily in Yorkshire. It is traditionally eaten on Bonfire Night, but is also enjoyed year-round. The principal ingredients of parkin are flour, oatmeal, black treacle (Molasses), fat (traditionally lard, but modern recipes use butter or margarine), and ginger. The name is sometimes given as perkin.

Oooo.. Bonfire night is coming! I hear the firecrackers going off at night set by pesky kids.

I don’t think it’s going to be the kind of thing that I would like to eat though. Oatmeal and treacle? Hmmmmm. Here it is anyway.



Parkin recipe



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