Tasty Morsels – Cafe Colucci

Tasty Morsels #6 – Ethiopian
I must say, I never quite tried Ethiopian cuisine and it was an interesting experience. We ordered an appetizer of Ethiopian style fried potatoes (i.e. potato chips) which were pretty darn awesome. Then we got a Veggie combo, meat combo and a raw meat thingy. They agreed that the raw meat was rather tasty. I don’t know. I’m not that carnivorous.
It worked out cheap though. We were all stuffed for $11 each. That’s after a 20% discount courtesy of the “Guide to the Good Life in Berkeley”.
Ethiopian potatoes
The main course
Cafe Colucci. 6427 Telegraph Ave. Oakland. CA.
One Response to “Tasty Morsels – Cafe Colucci”
  1. This is really delicious . I like this !

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