Fresh vegetables. Yum.

I’m so very into fresh (raw) vegetables and organic food. They just taste better. I did not know that we had organic farms here. If only they weren’t so far away. Kranji from the far east. gosh. =(

The kuehs rocked socks. =D

Bollywood veggies cafe

Bollywood veggies cafe

Bollywood veggies is a great place for the whole family; free-and-easy or go for a guided tour which includes a delicious lunch. There are vegetable plots to explore, a fish pond to fish in and you can buy fresh organically grown vegetables as well as potted herbs. There’s also a lovely bistro (cafe).
Location; 100 New Tiew Road
Opening hours:
Wed-Sun 9am-6pm (farm and bistro) (including public holidays)
Charges: Free entry to the Bistro; $2/entry for the free-and-easy Farm Discovery On Your Own. Free entry for kids below 12 years and elderly above 60 years. For organised groups/bus tours, fee is payable by everyone.

(Note: I felt very cheated by their claims to sell fresh organically grown vegetables – they only had bananas and some random leaves. I had envisioned a farmer’s market stall of sorts. =( For that, Fireflies is a much better option. They had to drag me out from that place. =P)


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