Liberty Coffee

Liberty Coffee is a charming little cafe tucked in a stretch of shophouses along Rangoon Road. Terence roasts his own beans and showcases them in the best way to share the delicate flavours with his customers. They also bake their own cakes. How can you beat that?! I love the decor of the cafe. The first thing that came to my mind was “Lace and space”. =D They had these lovely black wrought iron pieces that reminded me of lace. The cafe is uncluttered and painted white, creating a feeling of space in an otherwise rather narrow shophouse.

I was fortunate enough to catch them last Saturday when the feature was COEs on V60s. What’s that? Actually, I didn’t really have a clue either. Here’s what a little googling threw up:

Cup of Excellence

The Cup of Excellence is the most esteemed award given out for top coffees. These awards come from a strict competition that selects the very best coffee produced in that country for that particular year. These winning coffees are chosen by a select group of national and international cuppers and are cupped at least five different times during the competition process. Only coffees that continuously score high enough are allowed to move forward in the competition. The final winners are awarded the prestigious Cup of Excellence® and sold to the highest bidder during an internet auction.

What makes these coffees so special?

Coffees of this exemplary quality are very rare. These coffees are perfectly ripe, carefully picked with well developed body, pleasant aroma and a lively sweetness that only extremely high quality specialty coffees contain. Each winning coffee has its own flavor signature from the earth where it grows and all have been handcrafted in such a way as to enhance these unique characteristics.

-From the COE site

Although I felt that the excellent coffee was a little wasted on me (my palate, unfortunately, has yet to be able to detect notes of Lime and Pine in coffee), I certainly did enjoy the coffees and the cakes.

I went with Terence’s favourite, the No. 20 (when in over your head and grappled by the quicksand of indecision, always ask for a recommendation. Or the barrister’s favourite. Can’t go too wrong there). The coffee was surprisingly delicate, with some (unidentified) sweet notes and a lovely woody one. Compared with my friend’s equally delicate but very fruity one, this one had a “I’m a coffee!” zing to it. There have been cases where I’ve been confused by what appears to be coffee but tastes distinctly like tea. =P

Brewed COEs, Lemon and Pandan cakes

Cakes! We had the Orange cake with Lemon, the Gula Melaka Pandan cake, and the Chocolate (chocolate, chocolate) Cake. I love that their cakes are just what they say they are. No surprises there. =D

The Lemon cake was very lemony – lemon curd sandwiched between moist sponge of (more) lemon. The Gula Melaka Pandan cake was a thick wedge of fragrant pandan topped very generously with gula melaka. Friend liked this one very much but I was a little overwhelmed by the gula melaka (or it could just be that I had too much cake.) The Chocolate cake was all chocolate. It was so chocolate-y that the colour bordered on black. (O.O) Rich, moist chocolate. They certainly don’t scrimp on the ingredients here!

Latte and Chocolate Cake

Liberty Coffee is a must-visit if you’re into coffee (and cakes). You can also purchase freshly roasted beans, and a selection of coffee related equipment (e.g. Hario V60s, filters.. ) The only downside is that they don’t have regular opening hours (since everyone there has a regular job somewhere else). Do check their FB page for updates!

Liberty Coffee
131 Rangoon Road, Singapore, Singapore 218409
Opening hours: Check their Facebook page for updates


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