I was a little inspired to write about my own ballet journey as an adult beginner, after reading all those ballet blogs out there. It feels a little OMG! I’m not the only one! Starting ballet as an adult is tough. It really is. Taking class with students half your age, being a dunce is those very classes, struggling with remembering choreography… and that’s only just the ego part. There’s the aching muscles after class, the frustration at the limits of an older, stiffer body (not that I was all that flexible to begin with, I remember struggling to split at Taekwondo classes when I was 14), and the never-ending struggle to turnout-pointmore-holdinthetummy-standupupup-reachoutoutout.


The only thing that keeps you going is the love for it.

The feeling when you nail a (almost) perfect pirouette (rarely, but has happened). When you feel the music through the dance. When the balance is perfect.


Ballet is the never-ending quest for perfection, beauty and strength. That’s why I love it.



Now please let me remember this when my muscles are screaming at me tomorrow….


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