Look at what my 宝贝 can do!

And so it arrived..my new love Isn’t it just gorgeous?? The one and only Kitchenaid. ^o^~ And so, I baked a most tasty Lemon Meringue pie. By request of ZQ. I’m surprised at how well it turned out really. I never tried something like that. May I add that when I whipped up a batch … Continue reading

Sahn Maru

The 小菜 was super awesome! Seafood pancakes. Worth every penny. Very very tasty. It definitely beats the one from Ohgane. Chamonix from La Farine. “Moist devil’s food cake layered with creamy white chocolate raspberry mousse and fresh raspberries, finished with white chocolate buttercream” It’s really good. Sahn Maru 4315 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA 94701 (510) … Continue reading

Banana Muffins

I’ve got a little Blue-tac on the wall next to my planner. It comes in use when I come across recipes in my daily forage online and I think they’ll be fun to try. Right now, I’ve got 2 banana muffin recipes on it. I tried one today. Yum yum. I halved the recipe because … Continue reading

Chantal’s New York Cheesecake

I had a dinner date and a craving to bake cheesecake. So here it is! I must say, I’m surprised at how well these turned out. I made them at 11.30pm, having had to borrow a loose-bottom pan from a friend and cheesecakes being required to enjoy at least a night in the fridge for … Continue reading

Sugar Cookies

Sugarcookies These ones tasted a bit strange, hence the chocolate glaze to try and mitigate the excessive baking powder taste. I won’t be making these again. They were the result of too much about-to-expire-shortening in the fridge.

Apple cake

Remember the Victorian sponge in my first post and the apple version? I attempted it today for a little get-together. Yummy. It’s way way better than the previous version of an apple cake that I tried. Much less oil. Wait, NO oil. And the apple juice leaks out from the apples to give the whole … Continue reading


What on earth is a Parkin? I had no clue either. My second morning at the Age Concern cafe and she kindly tells me to pick something from the recipe book. I’ve never heard of this one and she hasn’t baked one before so we decided to give it a go. It turned out quite … Continue reading


I baked a remarkably well set of brownies today for the Freshers’ Welcome. This is a tried and tested (several times) recipe and almost always works out well. I seem to always bake for more than the required time though – up to 45 mins. This gives me hard, crunchy sides and a moist centre. … Continue reading

Day 1

I woke up in the morning – grumpy, and generally wondering if this is really a good idea. Still, obligations are obligations and I trudged into town for my first baking session. After a necessary induction talk, I was ushered into the kitchen to attempt my first ever – Sugarless fruit cake. Well. It’s not … Continue reading

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