I did a perfect double with a balance on the end. Twice. OMGOMG. DID YOU SEE ME????!!! Only on the right side though. ha! And most definitely NOT on pointe. Well. In search of never-ending perfection! Onwards! Advertisements


Dusting 2 years worth of dust off this corner of the Internet – it occurred to me that freeform writing has all but died out these days with work and study, and that it is an important outlet for creative energy (apart from inventing presentation slides, but that’s a story for another day). So, even … Continue reading

Liberty Coffee

Liberty Coffee is a charming little cafe tucked in a stretch of shophouses along Rangoon Road. Terence roasts his own beans and showcases them in the best way to share the delicate flavours with his customers. They also bake their own cakes. How can you beat that?! I love the decor of the cafe. The … Continue reading

Coffee in Singapore

For the uninitiated, there has been a new burst of specialized coffee places in the sunny island of Singapore. The “Third Wave Coffee”, is meant to be different from the “Second Wave Coffee”, otherwise known as Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and TCC, and also from the “First Wave Coffee”, otherwise known as kopi-tiam* coffee. To … Continue reading

Blue Bottle Coffee Cafe

It was a foggy Thursday morning when we embarked on a trip to SF for coffee. Mocha! – Smooth, creamy but just a tad to coca-y for me. Slightly bitterish. It has some awesome reviews online though. Breakfast! – Thick toast from Acme with mocha. Yum. I find this endlessly fascinating. Drip coffee? This is … Continue reading

Soy Latte

Jittery and jumpy. Trembling hands. Over-caffeinated. One Soy Latte. Tell me, why do I do this to myself? It’s a most random thing to be practicing Japanese in a corner of a cafe and have the (white) guy at the next table start speaking Japanese to you.


I tossed some left over chicken and rice into a pot of boiling water with sweet potato. It turned out surprisingly tasty. I knew the Japanese rice seasoning I bought from 一番館 would come in useful some day.

Max Brenner

ともだちのおくり物,お いしいです


Nothing, I repeat, Nothing beats the taste of Made in Japan snacks. Pocky, Collon .. the Made in Japan ones just taste better. I must say, despite being a Collon fan, I’ve never had Collon that tasted so good. The hint of vanilla in the cream, the crunchiness of the biscuit… ふわふわクリームのコロンとても美味しいですね!! In other news, … Continue reading

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