Tasty Morsels #10 – Trattoria Corso

Tasty Morsels – Summer edition. There was a new Italian restaurant that I had read about on Shattuck. Apparently, it’s owned by the owner of the rather pricey and very tasty (so I heard) Rivioli on Solano with the top chef coming from another tasty restaurant on College (Oliveto, I think). And so.. Tasty Morsels!! … Continue reading

Blue Bottle Coffee Cafe

It was a foggy Thursday morning when we embarked on a trip to SF for coffee. Mocha! – Smooth, creamy but just a tad to coca-y for me. Slightly bitterish. It has some awesome reviews online though. Breakfast! – Thick toast from Acme with mocha. Yum. I find this endlessly fascinating. Drip coffee? This is … Continue reading

A series of (unofficial) tasty morsels

Dinner at Angeline’s Lousiana Kitchen It was featured on tv just a couple of weeks before we went so it was packed. I had the Shrimp Po-boy. It’s good. =) Crunchy, sweet shrimps sandwiched between fresh bread. Yum. This was a longer while ago. Bette’s Oceanview Diner – Brunch! Milkshake. It seems kinda wrong to … Continue reading

Look at what my 宝贝 can do!

And so it arrived..my new love Isn’t it just gorgeous?? The one and only Kitchenaid. ^o^~ And so, I baked a most tasty Lemon Meringue pie. By request of ZQ. I’m surprised at how well it turned out really. I never tried something like that. May I add that when I whipped up a batch … Continue reading


Indian food on Solano. I thought the basmati rice was surprisingly soft and fluffy. Having had my share of dry and hard basmati rice, it never quite occurred to me that it could taste so good.  We shared Badal Jaam – Eggplant with tomato sauce which was pretty interesting. I thought the tangyness of tomato … Continue reading

Juan’s Place – Tasty Morsels #9

Tasty Morsels head for Mexican! Overall, I was quite disappointed. I ordered a fish taco and guacamole tostada. The fish taco was pretty tasteless. The guacamole wasn’t much better. I left most of it on my plate. I must say, the chips were definitely good. Cancun wins hands down. I must remember to revisit Cancun … Continue reading

Sahn Maru

The 小菜 was super awesome! Seafood pancakes. Worth every penny. Very very tasty. It definitely beats the one from Ohgane. Chamonix from La Farine. “Moist devil’s food cake layered with creamy white chocolate raspberry mousse and fresh raspberries, finished with white chocolate buttercream” It’s really good. Sahn Maru 4315 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA 94701 (510) … Continue reading

Fourth Street

It was like stumbling upon a hidden treasure cove. I had no clue there was such an arty place in Berkeley. And it was all because I heard of a spectacular brunch place there. Bette’s Oceanview Diner I had the Lox scramble. Soft scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, a toasted bagel and home fries (essentially … Continue reading

Ohgane Korean BBQ – Tasty Morsels #7

Friday – 7 March. Tasty Morsels #7 This must be the best Tasty Morsels yet. Why didn’t I discover this earlier? Super duper damn awesome Korean BBQ. The BBQ dishes were really good. In order of ranking by consensus, Spicy BBQ pork BBQ short ribs Spicy BBQ chicken BBQ beef Fried Fish We also had … Continue reading

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